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OSI Hardware’s premium support program, OSInet, offers reliable and affordable hardware replacement and technical support solutions, at a fraction of the cost of OEMs’ maintenance contracts.

Customizable Service


Next business day delivery
Monday through Friday
8×5 Support

8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday


Next business day delivery
Seven days / week
24×7 Support


4-hour shipping
Seven days / week
24×7 Support

  • Technical Support
  • Advance Hardware Replacement
  • Certified Technicians
  • Affordable Pricing

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Support Programs

With over 600 depots globally, OEM-certified technicians available 24×7, and various levels of support, OSInet provides you the freedom and flexibility to choose the support that best meets your infrastructure needs, as well as your IT budget.

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Global Depot Centers

The OSI Advantage

Our OSInet Network Operations Center is staffed by skilled technicians who employ the industry’s latest data management equipment, as well as legacy networking and server devices.

OSInet’s Network Operation Center (NOC) Includes:

  • Configuration, installation, and maintenance of routers, switches, and other broadband products
  • Configuration, maintenance and monitoring of various transport methods
  • Network design, management, and troubleshooting
  • Configuration back-up and restoration
  • Performance-based monitoring and reporting
  • Firewalls and Load Balancers
  • Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) configuration
  • UniX Adminstration
  • IPTV Administration

About OSInet

OSInet is OSI Hardware’s solution to our customers’ needs. We have created a service built on the feedback and frustrations we have heard from you, our clients, throughout the years. OEMs’ maintenance programs have too many restrictions and can be very cumbersome just to get support. Therefore, we have designed a better solution, that is much more efficient and economical, without all the red tape. Simply put – we make troubleshooting easier, and more affordable. Our unique third-party maintenance programs provide both the flexibility and functionality that best compliments each client’s budget and infrastructure for current production and legacy equipment. OSInet supports virtually every aspect of your network from your core to the edge, as well firewalls, servers, including accessories such as phones, optics and power supplies. OSInet also supports components in your network that have not been sourced through OSI.

With OSInet, you can rest assured that your network will always stay ON!


Worldwide Headquarters:
606 Olive Street
Santa Barbara, California  93101